Liquid lamination is an extremely cost effective way of protecting and enhancing printed output.  FTC supply two types of liquid coaters, those that apply water based (aqueous) coatings and those that apply UV curable coatings.

Aqueous coaters/laminators – Under the brand name “Aquarius”, FTC offer a range of flood coaters which are sensibly priced and provide an effective and economic solution for those involved in billboard signage, fleet and truck curtain sides and wall coverings.

UV Curable coaters/laminators - Alliance Technology Corporation from Maryland in the USA are widely regarded as World leaders in UV curable liquid lamination.  For many years ATC have provided an OEM solution for some of the biggest names in lamination and printing.  ATC are now eager to establish their own brand name and FTC are working with them to set up and support a European distribution network.

  UV-24 & UV-36 Coater
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